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Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Fresh Linen"

Car refill "Fresh Linen"

Car Refill - Fresh Linen. Freshen up your car with the Fragrance Refill of this delightfully fresh, clean and uplifting fragrance. Fresh Linen evokes the scent of crisp white sheets billowing in a light breeze with subtle notes of aloe, frangipani, lavender and citrus.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Jasmine & Tuberose"

Car refill "Jasmine & Tuberose"

Car Refill - Jasmine & Tuberose. Refill your Car Freshener with a delicate, white garland of jasmine and tuberose that beautifully harmonises with nuances of orange flower, carnation and ylang ylang. Opulent musk adds a subtle warmth to the scent of Jasmine & Tuberose.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Lavender & Bergamot"

Car refill "Lavender & Bergamot"

Car Refill - Lavender & Bergamot. Refresh your Car Freshener and add an air of rustic relaxation to your journey. Soothing lavender and gentle citrus notes of bergamot are infused with creamy musks and soft amber in Lavender & Bergamot.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Mango & Nectarine"

Car refill "Mango & Nectarine"

Mango & Nectarine. Refill your Car Freshener with Mango & Nectarine’s delicious mix of ripe, warm fruits. Sunny mango and nectarine, citrusy bursts of mandarin and a heart of juicy guava create this smooth, tropical fragrance to brighten your day.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Peony"

Car refill "Peony"

Car Refill - Peony. Top up your Car Freshener with this Fragrance Refill and enjoy a beautiful bouquet of peonies, with a hint of crisp red apple, delicate musk and floral blooms of jasmine, carnation and velvety rose on your journey.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Sicillian Lemon"

Car refill "Sicillian Lemon"

Car Refill - Sicillian Lemon. Freshen your journey with juicy lemons, limes and oranges are tempered with the aromatic addition of green geranium. This stimulating and tangy Sicilian Lemon Car Freshener Fragrance Refill is full of refreshingly zesty energy.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "Tea Rose"

Car refill "Tea Rose"

Car Refill - Tea Rose. Tea Rose Car Freshener Fragrance Refill tops up your car with the scent of plump, velvety roses in full, rambling bloom amongst a bouquet of lily, hyacinth and dewy geranium petals.
Automobilių gaiviklio papildymas "White Tea"

Car refill "White Tea"

Car Refill - White Tea. A beautifully fresh and aromatic scent, White Tea combines green tea with light, floral jasmine tones. Softened with a hint of soft linen and powdery sandalwood, refill your Car Freshener with this Fragrance Refill for a perfectly elegant backdrop for any journey.

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