• Pieno mišinys NAN OPTIPRO 3, nuo vienerių metų amžiaus, 650g, 6 vnt. pakuotė
  • Pieno mišinys NAN OPTIPRO 3, nuo vienerių metų amžiaus, 650g, 6 vnt. pakuotė

Milk mixture NAN OPPRO 3, from one year old, 650g, 6 pcs. package

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Nan Optipro 3 is a milk mixture for children from one year. Nestle Nan Optipro 3 is not intended to replace breast milk. Quantity: 6 pcs. Pack of 650 g. Additional information: An important note. The best baby food is breast milk that the baby should be fed for as long as possible. Talk to your doctor before feeding the baby mixture. Ingredients: skimmed milk, maltodexrin, vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed oil with reduced erucic acid, sunflower oil), whey permeate (from milk), whey protein concentrate (milk), lactose (milk), calcium citrate, calcium citrate. Emulsifier (lecithin (soy)), potassium citrate, calcium phosphate, fish oil, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, vitamins (sodium L-ascorbate, DL-alpha-tocopherocetate, calcium d-pantothenate, nicotinamide, thiamine mononitrat, pirinilo acetate Hydrchloride, riboflavin, cholecalciferol, phyloicinone, folic acid, d-biotin, ciancobalamin) magnesium chloride, potassium phosphate, mortiella alpina poverty oil, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, bifidus lactis culture, calcium carbonate, carbon. Odide. Vitamins: Vitamin A 70.56 μg re; Vitamin D 1,26 μg; Vitamīnas e 1.52 mg α-te; Vitamin K1 6.5 μg; Vitamin C 12.04 mg; Vitamin B1 0.14 mg; Vitamin B2 0.21 mg; niacin 0.62 mg; Vitamin B6 0.08 mg; folic acid 14.66 μg; Vitamin B12 0.19 μg; pantothenic acid 0.98 mg; biotin 2.35 μg; Minerals: Sodium 30.44 mg; potassium 82.31 mg; Chloride 49.8 mg; calcium 78.58 mg; phosphorus 49.53 mg; magnesium 6.09 mg; iron 1.05 mg; iodine 17.29 μg; copper 0.05 mg; zinc 0.73 mg; manganese 0.007 mg; Selenium 1,22 μg; Fluoride Allergens: Contains: soybeans and their products, fish and their products, milk and its products (including lactose) Instructions for use: Attention! Non -boiled water, unscrupted bottle or inaccurate powder enrollment can damage the baby's health. Incorrect storage, preparation, consumption and feeding can cause side effects on your baby's health. Wash your hands before preparing the mixture. Thoroughly rinse the bottle, the pacifier and the cover to prevent the mixture from remaining. Boil them for five minutes. Keep covered before use. Add the lukewarm boiled water to the boiled bottle. Use only a special dosing spoon to find in this box. Before use, make sure the dosing spoon is washed and thoroughly drained. Pour as many teaspoons mixture into the vial as the baby's age is stated in the table. Close and shake the vial until the powder is dissolved. After each use, close the box tightly and hold in a dry and cool place. Opening it is necessary to consume within 3 weeks. Holding conditions: Store in a clean, cool and dry place. Holding temperature: from 5 ° to 25 °. Nutritional value (100 g/ml) Energy value of 279,00 kJ / 67.00 kcal Fat 3.00 g Saturated fatty acids 0.70 g Carbohydrates 8.40 g Sugar 4.90 g Protein 1.50 g Salt 0.08 g

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