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  • Tamponai TAMPAX Pearl Super, 18 vnt.  x  3 vnt. pakuotė
  • Tamponai TAMPAX Pearl Super, 18 vnt.  x  3 vnt. pakuotė

Swabs Tabex Pearl Super, 18 pcs. x 3 pcs. package

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Product description The Tamx Pearl Super Plus swabs help to stop the passage before it occurs at abundant menstruation. These swabs have a SmoothTouch plastic applicator with a non -slip surface to make the tampon comfortable. The Tamx Pearl is manufactured using FormFit technology, which makes the tampon gently expand, making it perfectly adapted to your body, while the Leakguard braid helps stop leakage. The Tamx Pearl is made with durable protective paper, which is easily and quietly opened without paying attention to completely. 5 times milder applicator: Tamx Pearl compared to Tamx Cardboard. Tamach Pearl - the best tampons at a large menstrual manner. Instruction Attention! Tampons are attributed to products that cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but very serious disease that can result in death. Read and save a leaflet on the use of TSS and tampons. Always use tampons for the lowest absorption level that suits you. Change every 4-8 hours. Warning Do not drop into the drain. Keep in a cool and dry place. Country of origin Hungary Brand Talkx Manufacturer Procter & Gambel International Operations S.A (P&G) Quantity 3 packs of 18 pcs.

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